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Schoolgirl recounts fall from bus

Carlos Atwell

Schoolgirl recounts fall from bus

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FOR KETURAH ALLEYNE, it was not a very good Friday at all.
The 13-year-old St George Secondary School second form student was nursing a fractured arm she received on Thursday after an accident while she was about to disembark a Transport Board school bus in Marchfield, St Philip.
“I’m not good at all; my arm hurts really bad,” she told a SATURDAY SUN team yesterday.
Alleyne said she was playing with a male school friend onboard the bus when she noticed her stop was coming up. She said the doors opened before the bus stopped and she went to the bus steps to wait until the vehicle stopped to disembark.
“I was coming to my stop so I told him to stop. When I went to the steps somebody shouted he was behind me with a [plastic] bottle and I looked around. When the bus door opened I looked back; then the boy pushed me out,” she said, adding she didn’t know why he did it, except maybe because she had delivered the last hit during their game.
Alleyne landed painfully on her right arm, causing the fracture. However, she said she felt no anger towards the boy and still considered him a friend.

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