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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: C’dear, Sunbeach –  we deserve better!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: C’dear, Sunbeach –  we deserve better!

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Dear Nesta,
I jes’ cyahn believe de time flyin’ so fas’ dat Easter not only come but gone! Dis year, Holy Week gine stan’ out in my mem’ry as a time o’ bare stress! Philomena, muhself an’ nuff mo’ folk in de Turnin’ been in one hell o’ a temper – when evaht’ing shoulda been all peaceful-like – wid dah Internet service provider Sunbeach fuh de shameful way duh treat customers! Duh nail we to de Cross an’ had we “bleachin” in de sun fuh da-a-a-ys!
Ness, you might not know it but fuh umpteen years, Cable & Wireless been rulin’ de roos’ ovuh hey, an’ wid no competion aroun’, been mekkin’ Bajans’ lives a misery! Anyway, duh finally had to back down an’ allow de competition – Sunbeach was one – to come in! (I hear anethuh comp’ny recently come in an’ evah sence, Cable & Wireless (LIME) been tryin’ to “sweeten” de pot fuh customers. Wevver duh gine succeed, we wait to see! People got long mem’ries.)  
Couple years ago, Philomena an’ muhself, after learnin’ de computer, decide we would go wid Sunbeach!  We been tekkin’ de ups an’ downs wid de comp’ny – one minute yuh offline, de nex’ yuh back on – as we realize de Big Maguffy LIME, not likin’ competition, en easy to deal wid! We shoulda smell a rat when sometime las’ year Sunbeach had bare problems, an’ din able to provide Internet services fuh almos’ two weeks, sayin’ only dat duh was “experiencin’ problems” (LIME agen?)  
Well, t’ings between dem an’ LIME  come to a head recently, March 23, an’ Sunbeach put a message ’pon evahbody computer sayin’ duh havin’ problems an’ wukkin’ “feverishly” to correck dem, hopin’ dat t’ings would be back to normal “as soon as possible”! Fuh me, dah ovuhwuk phrase don’ mean one frupse! So I try phonin’ to fin’ out exackly wuh was happenin’ but a machine greet muh wid de same message! Y’know how dem t’ings tek ovuh dese days!  
I nex’ went down to de office only to fin’ de place shut tight an’ agen, de same message nail ’pon de door. Not one soul aroun’ to tell we de “true” position, howevah bad! Dah’s not de way to treat people! Sunbeach had a right to keep duh office open so dat somebody could be present to reassure customers ’bout de problem!    
Wuh had me blue vex was de fack dat only a day befo’ duh went offline, I went in all honesty to pay muh monfly rate fuh April, an’ duh en ha’ de decency to mention dat as t’ings wasn’ right, I better hol’ on to my money fuh de time being! But no, duh even ax muh ef I din wanta pay fuh mo’ dan one monf!  
I don’ cay wuh duh problem is wid LIME – as I tell yuh befo’, dah Comp’ny far from easy to deal wid – but I ax you, is dat de way to treat customers dat been keepin’ yuh in bidness fuh years?
Well, Sunbeach mussee finally wake up an’ realize dat dis off-han’ treatment cyahn wuk an’ sen’ out a statement tryin’ to explain how hard duh wukkin’ to return to normal, an’ promisin’ soon to put we back ’pon de Internet! Philomena wanta know ef I gine still stop wid duh! Well, dah is fuh me to know an’ she to fin’ out, right?
I shun be surprise at dis treatment, doh! Mo’ an’ mo’ we findin’ out dat in dis country, customers “rights” is mos’ly “wrongs”! An’ I en see any change comin’ soon neiduh! 
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie

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