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Close call for driver

Carlos Atwell

Close call for driver

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What are the odds of a tree falling on a moving vehicle – a tree filled with bees?
That was exactly the scenario which unfolded at Accra Beach, Rockley, Christ Church, when Issa Khalil found himself in a very dangerous situation. Luckily, the heroic actions of lifeguards Tony Butts and Corey Antrobus saved the day.
Khalil had already been taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital when part of the DAILY NATION team arrived but Butts and Antrobus were there to tell their story.
“We were cleaning the tower at around 8:30 a.m. when we heard a crashing noise.
“At first Corey thought it was a wave but it didn’t quite sound like a wave, so when I went and look, I saw [one of the casuarina trees] on the car,” said Butts.
He ran to help, calling for Antrobus to bring a first aid kit. But what he did not know was there was another danger apart from the fallen tree.
“When we were trying to get him out, bees started to swarm and stung all three of us.
“We got him out and Tony was trying to indicate to him to get away from the bees but he was hysterical after getting stung by hundreds of bees,” he said.