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Excitement in the air

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Excitement in the air

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It was in the air for less than a minute, but for the men and women involved, that was long enough to inspire them to keep trying.
Watching the Parris Hill, St Joseph community kite launch on the field above Andrews Factory has become a social event for many people. This year they sported a 28-foot kite – the same size as the largest one last year – and upped the ante with a monster 30-foot kite as well.
It was the bigger of the two which was hoisted first and came crashing down to the ground shortly after. However, the men involved said this was due to the nylon string of another kite getting caught on the rope and cutting clean through due to friction. As such, the men immediately set to work repairing the damage to try again, asking the other kite lovers to refrain from flying their kites when the big one was again ready.
The DAILY NATION was unable to stay long enough to witness how the kite fared the second time around or to see how its smaller cousin did, but the people involved were confident they would do better as the initial flight of the larger kite looked promising for the 30 or so seconds it stayed in the air. (CA)