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RESIDENTS OF Charles Rowe Bridge are not waiting on Government to clean and beautify their surroundings.
They believe that the community is their home and they must take care of it.
After a large plot of land in the area, home of the Charles Rowe Bridge Community Group in the 1990s, had become overgrown with bush and rumours were beginning to spread of robberies taking place in the area at nights, residents sharpened their cutlasses, put on their gloves and started a “big community cleaning project”, which has been going on for the past eight weeks.
The project stretched from the area of the service station and ended at the Masonic Hall. And thus far, the area has been debushed and a bridge which was destroyed in an accident, was repaired and repainted.
“We start cutting and pushing back the bush further and then another guy came and started helping out and then somebody else come out and helped us. Everybody started to jump onboard and help out,” said one of the leaders of the project Roger Hinckson.
Hinckson explained to the MIDWEEK NATION on Sunday whilst work was going on, that most of the people who assisted in the clean-up were “qualified tradesmen and were fully capable of doing this work”.
“[Late Prime Minister] David Thompson told us before he died – God rest him in his grave – to invest in people and life is going to be better when you invest in people. So, this is a big community project expressing the love between one another, the young and old helping out each other. We got a few who does come out and lime but that don’t mean anything,” he said.
The cleaning up has finished. And Hinckson thanked corporate Barbados for their assistance and contributions which made the project a sucessful one.
He said the next step for the residents was to beautify the surroundings, “and make it look like the Garden of Eden”, according to one resident.