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Crack down on jewellery snatchers

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Crack down on jewellery snatchers

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’Tis the holiest period of the Christian calendar and last weekend we marked the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thousands of Barbadians joined Christians all over the world in celebrating this holy season.
This year was extra special because we Catholics were excited by the presence of our new holy father, Pope Francis. This pope setting a new tone; he reaching out to the common man and causing some anxious moments fuh the security people. Pun Holy Thursday he wash and kiss the feet of men and women in prison, reenacting a very special event in the life of our Lord.
Of course, at Easter we fly kites, attend the Fish Festival in Oistins, fetes, travel and shop, all of which got nothing to do wid wha Easter is all about but yuh got to have some celebration in life and the picnics and parties is all part of the celebration.
Today is a mixed bag fuh me. Firstly, Tiger Woods come from total disgrace and failure as a golfer to claw he way back to the top and defy the highly judgmental television critics to again become the No.1 golfer in the world. He got a new girlfriend and I hope she can keep the Tiger caged!
Finally, months after the power outage at the Super Bowl, they finally find out what went wrong. America is an amazing place; them can put men in space, fly drone planes and take out enemy combatants wid pinpoint accuracy and do it all from a iPhone in the palm of yuh hand, but we got to wait months to find out what cause the blackout.
And then there is the wretched cash-for-gold business and all the crime that getting commit against locals and visitors alike. Back in the 1970s in Guyana they used to have something called choke and rob. We used to laugh at them cause Bubbadus was a safe God-fearing place but today we like Guyana back then. People frighten to wear jewellery, visitors getting robbed and shot, and beach crime at unprecedented levels.
Something got to give ’cause tourism is we No.1 industry and we can’t let a few wufless vagabonds destroy ’bout here. We need some old-time policing; them people need to start feeling the strong arm of the law. We too soft pun crime. Dem use too many excuses like he had a hard life growing up or he din have nuh father figure to guide he or he parents used to beat he, dat is why he turn out violent so. Or, he get left at the orphanage and nobody ever look back at he.
Excuses, excuses, excuses. Many o’ we travel some of them same roads and worse but we did determine dat neither circumstances nor poverty was going to keep we from achieving we goals.
Imagine a Caribbean Development Bank study show dat 21 per cent of the population prefer to be voluntary idle – 21 per cent? So where them plan to eat, get clothes, money to fete and shelter at night? Exactly how does a human being decide to remain idle? Don’t the devil find work fuh idle hands?
How could somebody survive over the long haul if them is voluntary idle? And that don’t have nothing to do with the unemployment figures so if I add them two together we got over 30 per cent of we people out of work.
While I support dealing harshly wid cash-for-gold criminals, that is dealing wid the symptoms. We need to deal with the causes and get to the root before them roots become immovable!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have
a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?