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RSPCA:Race horse owners need to be accountable

Heather-Lynn Evanson

RSPCA:Race horse owners need to be accountable

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Three horse call outs a day, every day, so far for the year.
But two in the last few days, including a galloping horse that got away from its young rider on Brighton Road, St Michael and collided with a passing vehicle, have RSPCA inspector Wayne Norville and veterinarian Dr William Huey incensed.
“It’s been a hell of an Easter,” said Huey as he fought, unsuccessfully, to save his latest call out this morning.
“We spent Easter Sunday morning putting down a horse. A little fellow rode the horse through the windscreen of a car,” said the 30-year veteran at the RSPCA.
The rider was unhurt.
That tragic ending to that horse and the one today in the canal at Halls Road, St Michael, have prompted inspector Norville to re-issue his calls for tighter controls for old race horses and more accountability from race horse owners.
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