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Shot couple would return

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Shot couple would return

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The BBC is reporting that a couple who were shot in Barbados recently said they would return to the island.
Philip and Ann Prior, from Bedfield, Suffolk, were quoted by the English-based news agency on its website yesterday.
The Priors were attacked in Bridgetown as they returned to the ship during a round-the-world cruise and police have charged two men.
Philip Prior, who still has a bullet in his leg, said they were “very, very happy” to be home.
“I don’t think it will put us off travelling,” he told the BBC. Prior, 72, was shot in the groin and Ann Prior, 59, in her right leg.
The couple were treated in hospital following the attack, in which Ann’s bag was stolen, before they rejoined the ship to continue with the cruise.
“There were a couple of places we didn’t get to see,” the husband said.
Ann, who said the couple had taken “every precaution” to avoid being robbed, is determined the experience will not deter them from future travels.
“I want to go back,” she said. “Unfinished business, as it were.”
The couple said they had written an open letter of thanks to a Barbados newspaper.
 Prior said: “There are a number of people who were so kind and attentive that you feel you’d love to go back and shake them by the hand in happier circumstances.” (BBC/AC)