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Gold gone


Gold gone

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JUNE?GALE?was so angry and hurt when she got home last week to find her house burglarized and all her jewellery stolen that she has sent out a public message about it.
Written on the door the burglars damaged to gain access to her home are the words: “Cash For Gold Crime: Two young boys of this district broke down this door, trash my home and took gold and money. I have faith the light of God never fails. Justice will come!”
The white door with its missing louvres and still smudged with the black fingerprint dust used by the police is now on public display leaning against a utility pole outside Gale’s home on the main road at Parish Land, Christ Church.
The 49-year-old woman told the SATURDAY?SUN?that she was hoping to send out a message about the cash for gold crimes before there were any fatalities.