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What’s Trending: DNA call

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What’s Trending: DNA call

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The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.
Readers today are talking about the Sunday Sun front page story, DNA call, where chairman of the Men’s Educational Support  Association states that DNA tests should be mandatory for all children born in Barbados. He is saying that the DNA of the child should be established first so that no one can say years later that the child is not theirs. Our online readers weighed in on this issue.
Nicole Sandiford: In order to establish paternity DNA would have to be taken from potential fathers, the mothers, and possibly other family members in certain cases. Are we going to mandate people into medical procedures? Do we not recognize the concept of patient autonomy in medical decision-making in Barbados? And yes, who’s to pay for all of those mandated paternity tests?
Maurice Tribal Durant: This should be mandatory, I’m sure the guys involved would have no problem footing the bill.
Robert Holloway: What ever happened to birth records and law courts. Forcing DNA tests on all who are born will only lead to other analysis of ones DNA that can be used against the child down the road. This is a sledgehammer approach which will violate ones privacy by government once this data is in a database. Use the courts as today to obtain a DNA sample for authorized specific reasons.
Princess Tiny Neferua:  I though the cost of a DNA was about $1000 ..So which copper pot this money coming from..this is my opinion..if a man or woman sleep with a partner or partners without any methods of birth control and then have doubts of who the real parent is…they should be made to fork out they own money for any DNA…because when last I check birth control of any sort was way cheaper that a DNA test.
John Fayne-Cleaver: DNA tests on all births mean a database of all Citizens eventually. Where does this information go, who has access, how private it is. It’s a total breach of civil liabilities for all innocent people to be catalogued and monitored in this way. The potential for abuse is huge. If there is an issue with paternity, use the court to obtain a DNA test at that time, no sooner.
Pearla Nera: Why test ALL births, that is an implication that ALL women don’t know who they got pregnant for. A DNA test should be done when there is doubt. If there is no doubt that is between the parents. Maybe if women would stop sleeping around with three and four men there would be no doubt. Are you gonna test babies from married couples too. Madness.