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SOCIAL SCENE: Gala night to remember

Gercine Carter

SOCIAL SCENE: Gala night to remember

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The regular patrons are still talking about the 20th Virgin Atlantic Holders Season, some describing it as “fabulous” while others say “it was great”.
Wendy Kidd and her faithful band of organizers and supporters put on another grand show – seven nights of music, theatre and laughter spread over a fortnight. The setting in the spacious grounds of Kidd’s Holders House lent itself well to the outdoor theatre created with chandeliers dangling from tree branches, coloured lighting on the ground and in the trees, with the sky as the canopy.
Gala Night was dress-up night with elegantly turned out patrons, not to mention the smorgasbord to delight any palate, that laid out for diners on the terrace, and even the tastefully packed picnic baskets that came out at intermission, with copious amounts of wine being served.
But while the entertainment was the main event, Holders was definitely the place to meet and greet.