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Feeling abstract

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Feeling abstract

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Abstract art can sometimes give each viewer a different perspective of things.
With artist Erik Feely, you simply see the beauty in each thought-provoking painting.
His masterstrokes of rich colours can be viewed throughout his works and in those pieces which currently adorn the walls of the Gallery of Caribbean Art, Northern Business Centre, Speightstown, St Peter, where his creations will be on display from today and for the next few weeks.
Feely’s theme of ascending and descending, which is witnessed in many of his pieces, offers multiple interpretations.
His pieces are far from literal, and all of his works were started on location.
According to him: “I usually walk off into the bush and get sunburned, scratched, bitten. However, somewhere, somehow, something clicks. I see something or hear something and I have a painting. It is almost magical as scenery turns into lines and light into colour and form.
“I take a large semi-destroyed old brush and use colour to block in the composition, working fast so as not to lose the focus, capturing the inspiration. I look for the darkest colours and begin to pull the painting out of nothingness . . . .”
Feely holds an MA in art history and a diploma in graphic design. (CH)