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Mitchell’s mission

Mike King

Mitchell’s mission

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Keen to bring back hope and economic prosperity to the Spice Isle, Prime Minister Keith Mitchell will embark on training programmes, scholarships, and the use of technology to empower hundreds of young Grenadians.
Speaking this morning while on a brief visit to his “second home” – his wife is Barbadian – Mitchell made it clear that in the knowledge based environment, technology is going to be the order of the day to prepare young Grenadians to succeed.
“It is not going to be about having the service, the techonology, it is about how you use it to provide oportunities for people and give them hope,” said Mitchell, who gave a press briefing at the home of the Karnani family in Highgate Gardens in St Michael.
The 66-year-old Mitchell said there will be a massive infusion of training opportunities and scholarships across the board.
“The question of small business enterprise. We have to realise in Barbados and other countries in the region, the issue now is how to we use technology to provide that opportunity for small business persons to become competitive.
“Therefore, we have to give them the tools and at the same time, they must have the resources,” he said.
Zeroing in on returning to the country to economic growth is clearly the main priority for Mitchell, who led the country from 1995-2008.
“We have to look at the areas of economic prospects and that is what the budget will be saying. For example, tourism, clearly we have an ambitious programme there;  agriculture – the export of nutmeg and cocoa and other cash crops, and opportunities that are available in several  areas which were not appropriately utilised, we will be zeroing in serious resources,” he said.
For the first time in its history, Grenada is having a female Governor General. Mitchell announced that Cecile La Grenade, one of the most successful business  persons in the country, will have that honour.
He said that over 30 per cent of the elected members of the Housde were women and 36 per cent of the ministerial positions have been taken by women.
Hear more from Dr Keith Mitchell in tomorrow’s DAILY NATION and check out our video from the press conference which will be posted later today.