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DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t know if I should be with him

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t know if I should be with him

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Dear Christine,
I am writing to you as I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. I’m in love with a man who is older than I am. I am in my early 20s and he is in his late 30s. We have been together for four years.
Right now, I am in need of advice. Should I follow my heart or listen to what my friends are saying?
We got into an argument recently while he was under the influence of alcohol and he got very abusive. We went through that and I decided to forgive him. He said he was done with the alcohol because he wanted us to work out. I told myself I would give him a chance but my friends don’t want me to.
They believe it will happen again and again. I love and care for this man a lot and he does the same for me. Christine, do you think I should give us a try or listen to what my friends are telling me?
– L
Dear L,
I think you need to weigh things out.
You’ve spelt out to me that this man is older than you are, but I do not see this as a problem.
However, I believe you need to be concerned about his drinking. You have not mentioned if he is a habitual drinker.
If he is, you have a major problem on your hands unless he gets professional treatment and advice.
Your friends are also correct, it can happen again.
However, I see nothing wrong in giving this man a second chance. Be warned, however: If the abuse and drinking continues, you may have to close the door on this relationship.