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68-year-old can’t cash his pension


68-year-old can’t cash his pension

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ANDREW?LOCTAR?spent 28 years working at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)?cleaning canals in and around Bridgetown.
But for the past five years the 68-year-old retiree has been unable to cash his monthly pension cheques of $608.54 which he receives from the SSA because he has no form of identification.
That is because in 2008, Loctar, a St Lucian by birth, lost his house which was located at Goodland, St Michael and all of his possessions in a fire. His identification card, birth certificate, passport and immigration papers proving that he was a citizen of Barbados were all destroyed.
To date, he has been unable to get any form of identification because he has nothing to prove that he even exists, except, of course, for all of the cheques which he has collected from the SSA, which are written in his name.