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Crime concern

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Crime concern

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Burglary continues to be a major crime facing the Royal Barbados Police Force and today’s display of thousands of dollars in seized electronic equipment at Oistins Police Station was evidence to prove it.
The showcasing of the items: television monitors, laptops, DVDs and playstations coincides with the current mounting of police retrieved jewellery for identification by victims at the Sugar Cane Mall, Roebuck Street.
The police are also asking the Barbados public to buy property only from reputable persons.
“It appears that any and everyone is selling these items to householders and they are buying them way under the value that they would cost.
“There is something called handling under the theft act and the penalty of handling carries a stiffer fine than that of the actual theft. We are discouraging the market from [purchasing] the items,” said Police Inspector David Welch.
He was speaking at the Oistins Police Station Christ Church earlier today during a press briefing to showcase equipment confiscated after investigations by members of the southern division.
“Over the last few weeks we have held several persons for the offence of burlary. Burglary at this time is one of our more prolific crimes and we continue to make inroads into solving some…”. (JS)