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Police brutality, charges woman


Police brutality, charges woman

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PAMELA PHILLIPS wants to know why police believe they have the authority to enter someone’s private property without their permission, destroy their personal effects and then charge them with criminal offences when they speak up for their rights.
Phillips said her Parish Land, Christ Church home was raided early Tuesday morning by police officers who did not produce a search warrant. She charged that when she enquired what they wanted and asked to see a warrant, a male officer entered her bedroom and pinned her against her bed. She was wearing only her nightgown, she said.  
“Before I could open the door, the officers rushed in, choking me. One had his foot between my legs pressing on my vagina and tells me to shut up or let him kill me. I told him by rights all of them should not be in my bedroom [without] a woman officer in [there] with me,” she said.
Phillips said that the officers used great force, threats and abusive language to her and her sons.  (LK)

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