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Sold to the highest bidder!


Sold to the highest bidder!

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HOTELIERS WALKED AWAY yesterday with most of the water sports equipment at the massive auction at the now closed Almond Beach Village in Heywoods, St Peter.
Names such as Peter Odle of Mango Bay Hotel, Dennis Tull of Golden Sands Apartment Hotel and Ludo Marcelo of Waves Hotel and Spa kept appearing again and again bidding for items such as kayaks and boats. They would have spent thousands of dollars.
However, Charles Pilgrim of Charles Watersports said the prices of some of the water equipment were too high for him.
“They have started too high given their age,”?he said. “Some of these things you can get brand new for these prices. I am not going to buy anything, not with this price range.”
Representatives of Cobbler’s Cove, who declined to be identified, said prices were not too bad and they made sure to get what they came for, spending $8 000 for a boat. However, they said they thought there would have been a sale of the items, rather than an auction.
A particularly vocal group of women, who spoke under anonymity, said they felt insulted by how the auction was done.