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Cut off

Lisa King

Cut off

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FOR THE SECOND straight day, residences and businesses in St Peter were without running water yesterday.
    And what water came from the standpipes was discoloured – offering relief to livestock but causing householders worries.
 It was a day when some rain hit St Peter, helping the dry earth, but  the taps in some areas remained dry.
    Barbados Water Authority’s communications specialist Joy-Ann Haigh said a fracture to a 10-inch water main in Haymans caused the outage and late yesterday repairs were ongoing.
    The Warleigh, Rock Hall and Shop Hill reservoirs were impacted by the problem.
     At the Sol gas station in Mile-And-A-Quarter, a shift supervisor who gave her name as Esther said that the deli could not sell items which required water for their preparation, such as hotdogs, due to the outage.  

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