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DEAR CHRISTINE: He doesn’t care for me or our child

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He doesn’t care for me or our child

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Dear Christine,
I have a two-year-old child for a man who had demanded that I abort this child. I refused and he neither visited during my pregnancy nor maintained the child since he was born.
However, he visits me late at night and we become intimate. He also has another woman with whom he sleeps.
Whenever I ask about maintenance, he complains he has no money. Yet he has a very good income.
This apart, he gives me nothing for myself. Absolutely nothing!
Christine, I love this man in spite of all this, but I am convinced that I should forget him as he neither cares for the child nor me. Do you think likewise?
– Yvette D
Dear Yvette D,
Yes, I do! What are you thinking, letting him ride you after he’s failed to support his child and gives you absolutely nothing?
On top of all this, he is sleeping with another person while sleeping with you. What he may end up giving you is a sexually transmitted disease. Woman, wake up! How can you love a man who is so cruel, unloving, selfish and unkind to you and your child?
I hope that by the time you receive this letter your eyes will be open and you’ll see this man for who he really is.
Stop handling this situation with your heart and use your head. Don’t you think you deserve better? I believe you do.