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Mum’s new look embarrasses me

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Mum’s new look embarrasses me

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Dear Christine,
My mother is beginning to really embarrass me. She has started to date this man who is about her age, and I do not mind that, but she wears such weird clothes.
Her dresses are always too short, low-cut and flashy. I think she is trying to be sexy and this man seems to like it, but I don’t think it is right – the way she carries herself.
I am sure my father would have hated this new look of hers.
I guess I take after him and prefer women in more conservative clothes, especially if the woman is my mother.
I am in my last year of university and I think women or even young girls who dress to display parts of their bodies need to realize that men don’t always want that.
Most of them prefer women who dress decently. The sexy stuff can stay in the home – more specifically, in the bedroom.
– CY
Dear CY,
There has been so much talk about the way women are dressing in public and there is a trend of thought that insecure people usually dress that way.
In the case of your mother, I would say it is sometimes very difficult for a single parent in her mid-years to feel secure.
We live in a world which is seemingly being ruled by the youth, and women in their late thirties and older feel the need to compete. To others, it’s simply a case of being as young as you feel.
Some older women dress in what we would refer to as “flashy” clothes because such clothing makes them feel young.
While most men prefer clothes that are not overly sexy, if this man in your mother’s life likes the way she dresses, then maybe you should accept it too.
Remember, clothes not only make the woman, but tell you something about the person. Maybe your mum really does want to be seen as being sexy.
If you and your mother are close, maybe you could arrange to go shopping with her some day and diplomatically express your preferences. She might appreciate that.