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Rottten trees cut down

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Rottten trees cut down

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There are nowtwo fewer potentially threatening casuarina trees along Accra Beach, Christ Church.
Yesterday, a crew from Silo’s Construction cut down the trees on the instructions of Chefette management. The restaurant is located across the street.
Reports indicated management of the restaurant chain vowed to have the trees, the only ones on their property, removed after another tree, that was on Government land, fell on a car driven by Issa Khalil on April 2. This tree contained bees which stung Khalil multiple times, as they did the lifeguards who rescued him.
After the trees were uprooted, swarms of termites were spotted in their roots, indicating the trees were indeed rotten. (CA)
Here, a workman from Silo’s Construction up high as he cuts one of the trees.
Inset, Termites among the roots of one of the fallen trees.  (Pictures by Nigel Browne.)

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