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Students get 11-Plus ‘test run’


Students get 11-Plus ‘test run’

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The fifty-eight Class 4 students of Rolard Edwards Primary who are eligible to sit the May 7 Common Entrance Exam were given a trial run yesterday.
The “mock exam” was staged at the St Peter school.
According to Class 4 teacher Salisha Auguste, “This exercise today is to give them a feel for what is to come on exam day, so there will be no surprises . . . and they will be comfortable on exam day.”
She said that in getting the students prepared for the big day, “we have been trying to do various [exam] papers”.
“This exercise today, which is closer to the Common Entrance Exam date, will somewhat boost their morale, let them know where they are and also let them know how much they have to do . . . .” (RL)