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BLP to salute founders

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

BLP to salute founders

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The birthday of one of this country’s National Heroes will signal the start of the 75th anniversary of the Caribbean’s oldest political parties.
Sunday, the birthdate of the late Sir Grantley Adams will be used by the Barbados Labour Party to kick off a six-month celebration for the party he founded months after Barbados was still dealing with the social impact of the infamous 1937 riots.
Assistant General Secretary of the BLP, Rudy Grant revealed today that Sunday’s church service at the White Park Wesleyan Holiness Church will feature a mixture of contributions from party stalwarts such as Dame Billie Miller, as well as newcomers Santia Bradshaw and Dwight Sutherland.
Onward Christian Soldiers, the hymn which Sir Grantley and the founding fathers of the BLP sang when they started meeting in 1938, will be the first to be sung at Sunday’s church service.
The theme for the 75th anniversary celebration will be ‘Saluting our Founders’, and will include a number of tributes to members who have made significant contributions to the BLP in its 75-year existence.
Grant noted this anniversary celebration is of ironic significance, since Barbados is now going through similar social challenges during the current economic downturn, as the island faced when Sir Grantley founded the party.
He noted that then, as now, the BLP believes they are the right choice to move the country, and in spite of the loss at the polls on February 21 this year, the party would continue to seek a better future for Barbadians.
He noted the 75th anniversary celebration is an opportunity for the BLP to continue its dialogue with the country.
Sunday’s anniversary service starts at 10.30 a.m. (BA)