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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t convince her to take me back

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t convince her  to take me back

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Dear Christine,
I am a regular reader of your column. As a matter of fact, the first thing I read when I get THE NATION is your column and I must say that I am very pleased with the advice you give.
I never thought that I would have to write to you for advice, but recently I found myself with a problem that is haunting me very bad.
It is this: My girlfriend and I were going good until she started to change around the very early part of this year and got really aggressive.
Well, I could not figure it out and started to accuse her of having someone else. I also stopped seeing her for a while before realizing I was wrong.
I have since discovered that she is pregnant with my child. I have tried to talk to her to see if she would forgive me and take me back, but she won’t.
She does not want me to see her and she does not want to talk to me. It seems as though she does not even care if I support the baby.
Christine, she just hates the hell out of me and I realize how wrong I was and how much I love her. I want her to come back but there is nothing I can do, other than pray God will give her a forgiving heart.
This is my problem and I do not have an answer. Maybe your advice will help.
– MK
Dear MK,
The first mistake you made was when you accused your girlfriend.
Always know the facts before making accusations. I imagine that in her condition she is overly sensitive and for you to accuse her was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.
I cannot guarantee that she will return to you. You will have to give this relationship some time, but try all you can to be kind and loving towards her even though she is currently ignoring you and does not want to see you. Do this without asking for favours in return.
Time and consistent kindness may win her back again, but with or without her, you should seek to support your child that it is on the way.