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Garbage on the sidewalk

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Garbage on the sidewalk

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Two derelict cars on Ulster Road, Grazettes, St Michael, and a pile of garbage on the pavement have resident Rosetta Bishop concerned about her health and the safety.
Bishop, who has been living at Ulster Road for the past years, said that about two years ago a neighbour started heaping tree trunks, galvanized sheets and old household items in front of his home and the pile had now become unsightly.
Additionally, overgrown plants prevent pedestrians from using the pavement and create a home for rodents.
Bishop said that the problem began when her boyfriend started parking his car on the road.
She said most cars, as well as the two derelicts, were parked on one side of the road and if her friend parked directly in front of her house, the road would be blocked completely.
Bishop said she called the Ministry of Transport and Works, the police as well as public health inspectors but the garbage pile still remained after almost three years. (LK)