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New dawn

Barry Alleyne

New dawn

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Raul Garcia walked slowly out of the No. 9 Supreme Court yesterday, took off his spectacles and wept.
After being detained for 1 089 days in spite of serving jail time for drug trafficking, the Cuban finally inhaled the air of true freedom when he was released into the custody of a Barbadian family.
He looked forward to spending his first night of freedom in the home of a Seventh-Day Adventist couple.
After receiving hugs from them, Garcia was all smiles as he spoke to his lawyer David Comissiong, and the team who persisted in trying to make Barbados his new home, after he had served a 20-year prison sentence for drug trafficking but was unable to taste freedom before yesterday.
“Tonight will be the best night’s sleep I’ve had in the last 19 years. There’s no doubt about that,” the 59-year-old Garcia told the WEEKEND NATION in an exclusive interview in between sobs and constantly wiping his eyes seconds after being released.