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Banks under fire

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Banks under fire

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Pastor Emeritus of The People’s Cathedral, Dr Holmes Williams, has attacked Barbados’ commercial banking management, saying it is “stacked” with Masonic Lodge members dedicated to the demise of Christian churches.
“Some of the banks are so powerfully stacked by people who . . . hate Christians, who hate the Gospel,” he said.
He also reported that a number of banks had initially agreed to lend the chuch money to purchase the Banks Breweries’ Wildey, St Michael property but eventually changed their positions.
He promised to launch a series of sermons, to be preached by people knowledgeable in the ways of the Masonic Lodge.
He was commenting yesterday on information contained in an article in the latest SUNDAY SUN on the Banks Breweries property.  The church had made a deposit but was slow in raising funds to finalize the purchase, with the result that a “for sale” sign went up on the property.
Pastor Williams said that the church was told on four occasions by four different commercial banks that it would get the loan, but was later turned down.
Williams’ accusations came at the end of a Sunday morning sermon. He pointed to the SUNDAY SUN’s article and a photograph showing the “for sale” sign at Wildey. (GA)