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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I wait for him to leave wife?

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I wait for him to leave wife?

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Dear Christine,
Please help me with a decision I need to make. I was involved with a guy for over five years until I broke up with him and decided to move on without him.
For the first three years of our relationship he was having an affair. Quite a few people told me he was dealing with this woman but when I confronted him, he lied.
I was so in love with him, I allowed him to walk all over me even though I knew what he was doing. You see, he was the first man I truly loved.
I soon met this really nice guy, but because of my past relationship I resisted getting involved with him.
Eventually, I did get involved and so far, it is going great. However, he is married. He said he and his wife have been separated for three years.
Based on my past experience, I am a little suspicious of this man. I don’t want to seem paranoid, but this bothers me.
I asked if he intends to get a divorce and he says he will.
Christine, I believe that in order for me to feel safe with this guy, he must get that divorce sooner rather than later. Should I be patient and not press for this or should I hit the nearest exit?
Tell me what to do. He is a really nice guy but I do not want to waste my time on something that may never have a future for me.
Dear Svetlana,
Hit the nearest exit, fast. This man is still married.
This question keeps popping into my head: if he is so nice, why is he separated from his wife? Think about that!
Stop the sex acts – get away and don’t look back.
There’s also no guarantee he will divorce anytime soon. Divorce takes time.
There must be an unattached someone out there for you.
When “the right one” comes along, you won’t be bothered the way you are now. Wait!