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Lodge defence

Mike King

Lodge defence

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Stressing?that there were many Christians who were members of Masonic Lodges, Anglican Bishop Dr John Holder says he knows of no plan to hurt the church by fraternity members in the commercial banks.
Holder told the DAILY?NATION that no one or group had frustrated the Anglican Church’s attempts at acquiring funds from the commercial banks.
“Whenever we want assistance from the commercial banks, it is forthcoming. It has not been an issue for us. It has not been a problem. I know of no plot against the Anglican Church.
“I know several well meaning, upright Christians who belong to Masonic Lodges, doing some extremely good community work. For us in the Anglican Church, we do not hold up the lodges as any evil organizations,” he said.
The Bishop’s remarks come in the wake of comments made in Monday’s DAILY?NATION by Pastor Emeritus of the People’s Cathedral, Holmes Williams, that the banks here were “stacked” with Masonic Lodge members dedicated to the demise of Christian churches.