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Yes to fish checks!

Maria Bradshaw

Yes to fish checks!

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As officials move to enforce rules on the handling and storage of fish at markets, a major fish processor says there should be no “let up” of inspections at markets.
Jonathan Morgan, owner of Morgan’s Fish House, the biggest fish processing plant in Barbados, said the surveillance should be continuous in order to ensure that the public was protected.
He was responding to the recent “surprise inspections” carried out at two markets by quality control officers who found fish which was either spoilt, improperly stored or incorrectly handled.
An industry source has reported a decline in fish sales since the action of the Markets Division. The source added that the Fisheries Division had been inundated with calls from concerned members of the public, prompting a soon to be undertaken educational drive on fish safety.
Speaking to the SUNDAY?SUN,?Morgan said such inspections were long overdue and should be carried out on a daily basis. He also recommends continuous training for fish vendors.
He said the quality control officers employed by Government were “highly qualified personnel” who knew what they were doing.