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It’s not right!

Maria Bradshaw

It’s not right!

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The wife and family of John Russell want to know why the police have charged him with causing the death of two-year-old toddler Joshua Boyce when he was not the driver of the car that pinned the boy to a wall.
Nicola Russell, who was also at The Ivy, St Michael, last Friday night with her husband when the accident occurred, said he was not the driver of the car, neither was he the aggressor in the preceding argument between him and another man.
However, when asked about the charging of Russell, police public relations officer Inspector David Welch told the DAILY NATION: “There was a dispute and the dispute would have caused the other party to take evasive action that led to the child being struck by the car.”
Nicola said that after the incidents in The Ivy: “I took John to the police station and they kept him there until 5 p.m on Saturday”.
The police retrieved her husband’s car from the scene and handed it over to him while the car that struck the boy was being held at the station, she said.