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Tragic end for granny

Barry Alleyne

Tragic end for granny

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A Barbadian family has been thrown into collective grief after the body of a loving grandmother who arrived in the United States last week was discovered by Park Police officials just outside the country’s capital.
Eighty-three-year old Victoria Kong, from Deacons, St Michael, had arrived in Washington D.C. last Friday to see her grandchildren, but disappeared.
Her body was discovered yesterday just after 3 p.m. (Eastern Caribbean time) at Gravelly Point, off the George Washington Parkway, in a wooded area about 30 feet from a bike trail.
The Park Police, which led the investigation into finding Kong, said a body had been found around 1 p.m., but did not initially confirm it was that of the Barbadian granny.
But hopes sank about an hour later, when US cable news channel ABC reported that the elderly woman had been found in a stretch of park land.