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DEAR CHRISTINE: Haven’t had sex since I gave birth

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Haven’t had sex since I gave birth

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Dear Christine,
I WANT TO SHARE my situation as clearly as I can because I am contemplating divorce.
My husband (who is not from here) and I have been married for two years. I got pregnant five months into our marriage and during my entire pregnancy we had sex four times.
When our daughter was born, my husband seemed very happy.
We have busy schedules, but what worries me is that since our baby was born, we have not had sex. I have tried everything to get my husband interested in sex, but he says he does not feel like it anymore.
Christine, I am a frustrated wife with a sex drive. I told my husband I cannot continue like this, but he has offered no guarantee that he plans to “make up” for the many months of a sexless marriage.
I am at the point of giving up on my marriage. What can I do?
– PL
Dear PL,
I agree that you cannot continue like this. Certainly, the problem is not you. First, find out if he is interested in seeing a trained counsellor.  
He says he does not feel like it anymore, so a physical check-up may be in order.
Failing all else, you have a perfectly supportable reason to get a divorce or an annulment – especially if this continues into a full year.