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BCA explains its five-year rule for players

Haydn Gill, Associate Editor (Sports)

BCA explains its five-year rule for players

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The Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) doesn’t believe a University of the West Indies (UWI) student should take six to eight years to complete an undergraduate degree.
In explaining a move to introduce a new rule that limits UWI players to a maximum of five years to represent the institution in the LIME Elite Division, the BCA said it was prompted by concerns that some students were taking an inordinate length of time to complete a first degree.
BCA first vice-president Conde Riley, who is also chairman of the local governing body’s cricket development committee said, however, the association was prepared to engage UWI in discussions over the eligibility of students who are pursuing postgraduate studies.
“There was a feeling that if you are doing a certificate, diploma or first degree, you should finish in five years,” Riley told WEEKENDSPORT yesterday.