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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Ole notes or new – times still hard!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Ole notes or new  – times still hard!

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Dear Nesta,
Back wid yuh agen, dear heart. T’ings awright over dey? I hope so, ’cause y’know dese days is funny nights. Fuh my one part I feelin’ okay, praise de Lord.  
I believe you still got some warm dollars in a bank down hey, so wuh I got to tell yuh should int’res’ yuh. We now got a new series o’ banknotes coverin’ all denominations to replace de ones dat been knockin’ ’bout de place sence all up in 1973.
I t’ink dah’s ‘bout 40 years, ent? Now, I en been lucky enuff to see none o’ dem as yet, but I onderstan’ duh is somet’ing to look at. Colours real purty, wid all de new modern designs an’ new security features. Wevver dem new features gine prevent some Bajans from tryin’ duh han’ at helpin’ duhselves wid printin’ any extras duh might need, remain to be seen. We got some real bright sparks ’pon dis islan’, y’know.
De Aut’orities recently oncover a ID Card scam whey people been goin’ to de Pos’ Office, de Port an’ de Airport an’ producin’ fake or stolen cards to colleck packages o’ illegal drugs an’ guns. Fake e-mails askin’ fuh people personal bank info’mation also now appearin’ ’pon de scene! So wuh is to stop anybody from “havin’ a go” at producin’ “bank notes” as well? Yuh could wuk wonders dese days wid a computer an’ dese hard times turnin’ a lot o’ people into “entroppuhners” o’ all sorts o’ “strange” bidnesses.
Ef an’ when any o’ dese notes come in my direction, I gine sen’ up one or two, fuh yuh to keep as souvenirs. But lemmuh warn yuh, I en got de slightes’ idea when dah gine be, hear? ’Cause nowadays, evah penny earmark straight fuh de shop an’ even wid “extras” now offa my lis”, it still don’ be sufficient when I reach de register. So you might grow roots while yuh waitin’.
Now, my frien’ Philomena “extra” was a bottle o’ wine, sence she like to tek she li’l “swig” when de night come – she convince sheself it good fuh de heart – but lately, she had to cut it from she grocery lis’. At nights, ’stead o’ sippin’ an’ smilin’ in front de TV, she face like rain, while she cussin’ an’ quarellin’ ‘bout she situation.
I had to gi’e she de paper to read de interview wid Sir Courtney Blackman whey he say de recession would cause some pain an’ mek life hard fuh de majority o’ Bajans, an’ we shoulda get warn ’bout dis by bofe political parties from de start. True, true, true, ‘cause yuh only got to look ’roun’ an’ see all de “Fuh Sale” an’ “Fuh Rent” signs as yuh drive ’bout de islan’, de diff’rent stores closin’ down, all de downsizin’ an’ layoffs tekkin’ place almos’ daily, to realize dat dis recession now causin’ nuff pain an’ nuff grief. 
But yuh say “A”, yuh say “B”. I recently read dat money enuff get spen’ durin’ de t’ree recent reggae events we had few weeks ago. Apart from de entrance tickets – eithuh $80 or $60 dependin’ when yuh buy dem – patrons spen’ a bundle o’ money ’pon dresses, jewelry, false hair, false nails, false eyelashes. Lord, when I read ’bout all dem false additions, it show muh people really dissatisfy wid Yuh handiwuk, doh. Yuh got duh tryin’ evah way which to improve de “raw material”, an’ it en cheap.
I onderstan’ de total cash involve come to way over $1 000. Wuh, de times cyhan be as hard as I t’ink.  
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie
PS: Hey, I jes’ read laws comin’ soon to deal wid election bribes.  Ha! Ha! Ha!