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Small things jooking hard

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Small things jooking hard

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There is a Vincie Kaiso, Small Pin Does Jook Hard. De sight of a bantamweight man, all 80 pounds, including wet clothing, jamming against a sister – who when she stepped pun de scale de reading announced “one at a time please” – to de strains of Small Pin was unforgettable. Truth is dat small things can jook hard.
Anybody who want to dispute dat just ask dem, wunnah ever try sleeping wid a mosquito buzzing round yuh head till eventually, yuh get outa bed and spray a can of Bop just to kill one mosquito or, lights out, yuh gone to bed and suddenly de most piercing high pitch noise yuh ever hear, wha de hell is dat? A lil fella called a “cricket”, de brute deceptive, he driving yuh crazy, turn on de light, he gone quiet, yuh checking all ’bout, he outa sight, turn off de lights, 30 seconds later he back. Dat brute could hide in some strange places, more Bop time. Don’t let nobody fool yuh ’bout small things, dem can truly jook real hard.
Two weeks ago I in Vincie land spending a few dollars in Papa country and when I leaving all ah we jam up inside de small departure lounge, Vendor in short pants and slippers, suddenly a lady signalling to me cause a long centipede heading straight fuh de Vendor, small thing can jook hard but size 13 slippers can cause ruction. Hurry and finish dat airport Papa. 2014 can’t come too soon.
Everyday households in Bubbadus generating garbage, newspapers, metals, old appliances, vegetable peels, skins and all gine in de same garbage bag, plastics and bottles too. Paul Bynoe at B’s Recycling trying to help de nation and earning foreign exchange fuh de country by recycling all these things, but de people in St Thomas want it move and de MP for de area out front mekking plenty noise ’bout it, only one little thing I want to ask, where wunnah want it to go to? There is no place in Bubbadus where anybody want any recycling plant near dem, fire or no fire but where these things come from in de first place? Not in we households? Start recycling people before it too late, it is a small thing but iffing Bubbadus don’t wake up and recycle, dat little thing gine jook real hard.
Big countries been recycling fuh years, cutting household garbage by 60 to 70 per cent, some friends who did living in Switzerland explain dat even de colour garbage bags dem use got special colours by district, so the authorities know exactly where de garbage come from.
Carlisle Bay in my opinion is de best beach in Bubbadus and walking it daily fuh exercise yuh can’t help but notice pun dis mile long stretch of pristine beach not a garbage can between de wall of de new Radisson Aquatica and de old coast guard location, surely NCC could put down 20 cans instead of de one skip near Police Sports Club and maybe, just maybe people would use de cans rather than leave all de garbage pun de beach. Small things jooking hard.
Leaving SVG four passengers wanted wheel chairs, one wheel chair operating, by de time de agent mek de third trip and return to de gate he holler “who else fuh a wheel chair?” A lady in de back signal to he, hear de agent, “well come nuh!” Muh brudder,why you tink she order de wheel chair? Small things does jook hard.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?