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Which one is a fake?

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Which one is a fake?

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LOOK WHAT THE FORGERS are up to now.
That was the reaction from the person who sent this $5 bill with Samuel Jackman Prescod, a National Hero, on it. After all, everybody knows a ‘Prescod’ is a $20 note while a picture of cricketing great Sir Frank Worrell adorns the $5 bill.
In fact, both of these bills are authentic.
According to the Barbados Central Bank, the image of Prescod appeared on the $5 note between 1973 to 1986 before it was replaced by Sir Frank’s.  
“If you look at the signature on the note, it is that of Sir Courtney Blackman (the bank’s first Governor), indicating that it is an old note [and] still legal tender,” commented the bank as a response to this picture.
“Note also that the note is monochromatic, which the original Barbadian banknotes were,” the bank further explained.
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