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Too much emotion!

Ricky Jordan

Too much emotion!

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Reverend Charles Morris has knocked the country’s Pentecostal ministers for taking what he says is an emotional stand on the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
Responding to pastors and bishops who have given a thumbs-down to marrying same-sex couples, the Anglican priest and teacher told the SUNDAY SUN that no church could dictate on the issue.
“If I were the Government, I would not listen to the Pentecostal ministers at all because right now we need to appeal to people’s intellect and apply reason to these situations,” Morris said.
“The Pentecostal people are reasoning from emotion. I don’t understand how they would be prepared to die on an issue like homosexuality but at the same time see nothing wrong with the way money is siphoned from individuals in churches.” 
“Also, marriage is not an institution of the church but of the state. Ministers of religion are marriage officers of the state and not of the church so the church cannot dictate anything about marriage,” he added.

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