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DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me take care of my daughter

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me take care of my daughter

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Dear Christine,
Thanks for allowing me space in your column. I have written to you before, but everything is just all on me right now.
I have been struggling from [when I was] a child until now [that] I am a big woman. I know most people would say I deserve what I am going through now because I am a non-national, but if they could put their feet in my shoes they would understand what I have been through all my 33 years.
I am asking if you could help me to get my daughter adopted, because I have no reason to live at this point. I have given up. Ending my life will make life so much easier. I cannot take away her life because she is innocent and has potential. However, I cannot care for her anymore. Everything I have tried has been a failure.
I relocated here with the hope of making something of myself. I would not say it was a mistake as I am the type of person who does not give up easy. I am always trying, but it is now time to call it quits.
I could write a book about my life. You would be amazed about the things that have happened to me. I have used all my savings, so now I have none left to return. I started working recently and was let go because of some poor excuse. I left with a smile still. That’s just me.
I will never be of any use. It is like the devil won’t stop until he succeeds.
My husband is a great man. He tries his best and I cannot burden him with my life. He will tell me everything is okay, but it is worse every day. He also got laid off from work, and that’s why my savings have to go towards paying bills. My child can return home, but who will protect her? I want her to have an education – unlike me.
I beg you, please help me! I know life is precious, but I would not like anyone to go through all these challenges life has bestowed on me from a child.
I told God that if I have ever done someone wrong to forgive me.
I have no one to talk to. I tried counselling and all the counsellors have told me is what I already know. No one can help me now, only God. I have always been a God-fearing woman.
I don’t know why I am so lost now. I cry, take pills, and I am very depressed. I cannot continue to live. I am so depressed.
All I wanted was a chance in life to be somebody. I have not accomplished anything in life, and here I am deprived because of where I am from. How can one judge all people the same way?
I do not want my child to suffer the same fate that I have.
Please, if you can, please get me the information of an agency or somewhere I can get hold of the information.
Thank you for your time.
– T. Spence
Dear T. Spence,
First I want to inform you that help in on the way for you, and your family. I have made your letter a top priority, but will not respond to it publicly.
You have not given a contact number, so I am hoping that you will see this letter. I have also responded to your email even though I am aware that you probably asked someone to send the letter for you.
If you can, please respond as a matter of urgency to the email or telephone 430-5494 or 430-5470. One of the individuals at the end of those lines will give you directions and put you in contact with me, as I want to personally meet with you.
Please, hang in there and do not give up.