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What’s Trending:Who am I asks elderly woman

Looka Lew, [email protected]

What’s Trending:Who am I asks elderly woman

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
A touching story of an elderly woman who says her name is Sandra Thorpe and is appealing to people to come forward and confirm that she is who she says she is has tugged at the heartstrings of our readers this morning.
Thorpe has no identification card, or birth certificate, and does not know her age, her parents or relatives. She says she does not know where she was born.
For more than a year she has been seeking the assistance of electoral officer of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Charles Bostic, as well as other officers of that department, to find her identity.
This is what some readers had to say:
Poetry Dancer: “Hope somebody will come forward and help mum”.
Carol Marshall: “I pray her family sees this and comes forward”.
Robert Hollaway: “Hard to believe. I hope someone recognizes her and comes forward”.
Wayne P Hoyte: “Hope family members and friends come forwards and care for her”.