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DLP’s ‘snubbing’ of Benn not smart, says Wickham

Mike King

DLP’s ‘snubbing’ of Benn not smart, says Wickham

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The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has given Haynesley Benn a raw deal by excluding him from the Senate and the Cabinet and can kiss their chances of ever capturing the St Peter seat goodbye.
So says political analyst and pollster Peter Wickham, who told the DAILY?NATION that the DLP appeared not to have planned for the retirement of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the long-standing Member of Parliament for the constituency.
Wickham said Arthur’s retirement from elective politics, announced last?Sunday, was not a huge surprise and shed light on the lack of logic behind Benn’s treatment.
“One would have thought that if Arthur was likely to leave politics, the Prime Minister would have seen the logic of presenting Haynesley Benn to the public in a way that enhances his confidence as opposed to not returning him to the Cabinet or the Senate.
“One would have thought that Haynesley Benn would have been better positioned to win that seat now that Arthur is leaving. I do feel that he is being compromised in the process and I think it is unfortunate. Benn deserved better. He ran against Arthur twice and fought well both times,” he said.