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Beckles: Need for new business model

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Beckles: Need for new business model

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RETIRED INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS specialist, Tennyson Beckles, believes the Barbados economy is on a troubled road and requires a change in the approach to commerce and investment for recovery.
The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) stalwart, who is also an economist, suggested that an embrace of new thinking by all players holds the solution for pulling Barbados back from its downward slope.
“Our economy is grinding to a halt. The structures are not generating the kind of activity that we are accustomed to . . . and we are headed nowhere,” he said, calling for a “re-calibrating” of the way things were done.
“Our business model needs a massive intellectual transformation,” he said while delivering the DLP’s lunchtime lecture Friday at the party’s headquarters, George Street, St Michael. (GA)