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DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend got sick from partner’s cheating

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend got sick from partner’s cheating

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Dear Christine,
   When they do, don’t they realize they are going to hurt others?
Losing all that they have for a few minutes of stolen pleasure is just not worth it.
Can they even remember all that went down?
Do they realize that it is not just them? Don’t people realize when they go out there running around that they are endangering the lives of those who remain faithful at home?
How can they then look these people in the face and tell them they love them?
Worse yet, when a person goes out there, contracts some sexually transmitted disease and brings it home, how do they deal with it when they have no regard for their own life or that of their partner?
What about the children if children are involved?
People need to realize that these are not days to run around. Too many people have contracted sexually transmitted diseases and are not saying anything to anybody They are simply passing them on.
Condoms are not the answer. They do not stop sexually transmitted diseases.  Some diseases are passed on through oral sex as well. I hate this!
I am writing because my friend [like everyone else] is not perfect, but she is a kind, loving, faithful individual whose partner brought home a sickness. What did she do to deserve this?
    It’s so sad! I think people need to be faithful. If they can’t be, they should not get into relationships. At some point, running around catches up with you.
Dear For My Friend,
I understand the concern you have for your friend and I am sorry to hear that she has become the victim of someone else’s selfishness and unfaithfulness.
     You have asked quite a lot of questions and given lots of food for thought. I hope that those who read this column take note of all the points you have made and will heed the advice you’ve already given.
    Thanks for sharing from the heart.