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God saved me from abusive marriage

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

God saved me from abusive marriage

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Dear Christine,
I WAS REALLY touched by the letter submitted on Wednesday, May 22, by the woman who wanted to kill herself (and was asking to have her daughter adopted).
I want to let her know that God is always in control, even at times when we cannot see, hear, or feel Him. He’s always there.
Your husband sounds like a very loving person and I’m sad to hear that both of you are now not working. However, money is not all.
The will to survive is worth more than any amount of money. I once tried to take my life because of stress, but now I am able to look back and smile.
I have been raped, beaten and threatened. The father of my kids was in the habit of holding me down and raping me just so I would become pregnant and not further myself. Nevertheless, I thank God for my children.
Now after four years of coming out of all that I’m happily married and my husband loves my children like his own. I am just 33 years old – like you – and if God could make me happy, He can do the same for you.
Dear LG,
Thanks so much ­for sharing.
Only when we read letters like yours and the young woman’s do we face reality and understand what is happening in our society.
Sadly, the churches don’t seem to be doing enough to help people like yourself and countless others who have to struggle their way through life – albeit sometimes because of bad choices.
That aside, the church represents God on earth, and when we look at how Jesus came and ministered to the poor and downtrodden in society, I am not convinced that generally much is being done to help such people.
I am not knocking the church. In fact, I am aware that many churches are actively involved in the needs of those in the society.
Rather, I would want to point out that some churches still need to do lots more to help – even in helping their own.
There are many people out there who need to experience the love of someone who cares – someone who will be God’s hand extended.