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Hell-bent on giving trouble

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Hell-bent on giving trouble

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A TALL, loud-mouthed woman and her slim unmannerly daughter who seem to think that they are the Cave Hill bullies got exactly what they deserved when they were featured in Pudding & Souse.
The boisterous white-haired mother, who is very malicious, needs to tell her daughter to stop taking up fire rage and causing problems in the workplace. The destructive duo should know by now that when you live in glass houses you shouldn’t throw stones.
DJ in a rut
She warned him only months ago that if he got into trouble again she would not be there for him. Now a certain DJ is so broken-hearted because he has lost his queen of hearts that he is singing the blues.
Apparently, the sexy brown-skinned woman has told friends that she has had enough of her boyfriend’s hot-headed behaviour and has not been responding to his calls and texts.
The poor music man is walking around in a daze singing the tune brown-eyed girl, if you leave me I will go crazy.
Leading a double life
A devastated woman is warning other women out there to be careful of a sweet-talking man who has beaded penile implants also known as boogaloos.
Apparently, she fell for this charmer big-time, now she has found out that he hides in the closet and goes both ways.
This man, who was deported from overseas and likes to brag about his beaded manhood, has been hitting on several women at the place where he works near the racetrack.
Sidekick in charge
Tongues were wagging at a Sunday extravaganza when a well-known middle-aged man from St John turned up with his sidekick.
People were shocked to see this bold move and it became apparent why he had dumped his dance partner for this heavy roller pallet.
Friends who know his wife are asking why he is being seen in public with this other woman while still flashing his shiny wedding band.
Helping hand
A well-known shopkeeper needs to keep his eyes onhis friend who has been driving his girlfriend and her daughter around.
It appears that the girlfriend,  let’s call her Madea, was seen frolicking at a popular beach with her man’s friend who goes by a monetary nickname.
The thing is that he has been bad-talking her and saying she is always tired and that she is too big and lazy because when he visits the shop, she never comes out.
The poor shopkeeper does not even know that he is getting help from his close buddy.
Won’t budge
A CERTAIN BIG-UP is said to be bluntly refusing to move into the office assigned to him, preferring instead to stay in the more comfortable surroundings he is presently in.
This man, a smooth talker who also has a sharp tongue and quick wit, is apparently not budging from his position despite requests for him to shift.
Insiders are suggesting the top man may have to be awakened and pressed to say something for this one to be resolved.