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The healthy way

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The healthy way

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THE KEY TO eating healthily on a budget is to stick to the three “Ps” – Plan, Produce and Prepare, says Glencill Taylor, assistant nutrition officer at the National Nutrition Centre.
She said the first step was to plan one’s shopping and family meals ahead of time to avoid any extra expense or poor food choices. Thereafter, prepare a budget so you would know how much money you wanted to spend on food. The next step in this planning process is to write a grocery list and stick to it.
The next “P” –  produce your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, and this would replace products with artificial preservatives.
The last “P” in the equation is preparing more meals at home to ensure you eat quality meals.
As Nutrition Week comes to a close, this is the message that Taylor hopes people take with them: “Eating healthily isn’t expensive. We want people to know they have options to address their concerns.
Here, Taylor buying fruit, a healthier option, from a vendor in the Cheapside Market. (SP)(Picture compliments Government Information Service.)