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Transferred for doing his job

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Transferred for doing his job

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THE ONCE QUIET RUMBLINGS of dissatisfaction in a certain organization became more audible lately when a man regarded as a true professional was removed from his area of expertise for, believe it or not, doing his job.
From what Cou Cou was told, this man – who was trained overseas and has been performing his task locally and regionally with distinction – found evidence that a relative of a big-up in the organization was responsible for a certain act.
So the young man followed through and made the necessary recommendations as he would have done in the case of any other individual.
But who tell he do that?
He was summarily relieved of his position and sent to function somewhere else. So now this skills starved organization has one of its best rising brains languishing. And what makes matters worse is that because the big-up is the sidekick of the top boy, nothing has been done about this situation.
No wonder, says an insider, that one can dot the dissatisfaction from top to bottom in this organization.
Rough road
A CERTAIN VERTICALLY challenged politico is said to have had a verbal explosion over a situation he inherited that is now adversely affecting him.
It seems his colleague made certain arrangements, all above board of course, to have work done in two particular districts.
The move was taken as his responsibilities gave him access to the needed skills and materials to get the job completed because the entity that would normally look after such things did not have the resources to get it done at that time.
However, since a big event, the man who facilitated getting the particular job done is no longer in a position to do so. That now falls to the short, vocal but generous individual.
Normally, there would not be a problem here, but it seems some cost concerns have raised their head, prompting an outcry from the short man so loud that people from north to east and in-between have heard him.
The short man is vexed that he is now saddled with something that could impact on how much he can do otherwise. And, unlike his colleague who seems to wear a permanent grin, he is not pleased at all.  
Heavy load
QUESTIONS ARE BEING asked at the highest levels concerning what to do about a certain white elephant that continues to lack for basic sustenance but which cannot be allowed to die.
This significant entity is in so much need that it had to be bailed out recently to ensure it could continue having drinking water and electricity.
Some of the big-ups faced with the problem want to tell all just how much this elephant is a burden and therefore part of the wasteful disposition of those who were in charge at the time. But calmer heads are saying that, given the profile of this elephant far beyond the boundaries of our shores, it would be best to handle this matter with more finesse.
Their challenge is, though, that since the appointed elephant driver has jumped off for a more secure task and the bills keep mounting, who will keep this hungry beast fed and by what means?
Cou Cou understands the best option is to bring back the people who were dealing with this elephant before – and who were then excluded – to help take care of it.
For sure, they have to do something as the size and prestige of this elephant makes it too big to fail.