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Girlfriend wants to know why


Girlfriend wants to know why

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THE GIRLFRIEND OF 40-year-old John Baptiste, who was killed in a Nelson Street, bar in the wee hours of last Friday, finds it puzzling that a man “would just walk up to him and stab him”.
From what Shontelle Mayers, 28, has heard in the “streets”, she is trying to put together the puzzle surrounding the death of her partner of six years in a bar he frequented on Thursday nights for karaoke.
Yesterday afternoon, sitting at the front door[way] of the Barbarees Gardens, St Michael home they shared, a grieving Mayers told the SUNDAY SUN that since she received the tragic news that Baptiste was stabbed in the chest and died at the scene, “I trying to put together the puzzle.
“It is not that he was in a quarrel and he get stabbed. It was just that the person walk up to him, stab him and went along. I understand that police got an idea of who them looking for, but it is to find the body [person].