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Nurse looking to greener pastures

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Nurse looking to greener pastures

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Dear Christine,
IN LIGHT of these hard economic times, I was of two minds whether to send this letter or not. However, I have found myself in a state of depression.
For, you see, even though I still have my job,  for which I am very grateful, but have finally reached my maximum salary in this glorious and prestigious profession of nursing, I am told, according to the Ministry of Housing, that I am in the lower income bracket (making it hard for me  to get a home).
And Government wonders why nurses do not stay and work in Barbados! Why should they? They do not qualify for anything in this country. Nursing students have no classroom of their own at Barbados Community College (BCC).
They borrow whatever classroom is available because they are only lodging at Morningside. In addition, the General Nursing Council has no placfe to call its own.
Nurses have been given a lot of empty promises, but promises do not send children to school, put food on tables, or provide housing.
This is something I have learned the hard way.
So after this letter I am going to start my application for a job as a nurse overseas.
You see, I love the profession, just not the treatment.
– Disappointed Staff Nurse
Dear Disappointed Staff Nurse,
I am sorry to hear about your plight and the plight of others in the nursing profession.
I am of the opinion that your letter was written not so much to get a response, but to point out the general dilemma of nurses. I am aware that not only nurses believe they are not well compensated and seek greener pastures abroad.
Quite a number of police officers and teachers have taken similar routes.
Maybe it is time for those in authority to look at the salary scales of people in key professions and compare them with those of their counterparts in other countries.
Many times we as a nation lose some of our best-qualified and skilled sons and daughters of the soil only because we fail to properly compensate them.
I am also keenly aware that many individuals who seemingly have “decent jobs” do not qualify for various housing. Again, this is something our politicians should look into.
I wish you every success as you seek greener pastures abroad.